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Meet @LAJohannesson of eloves me, eloves me not

Meet @LAJohannesson of eloves me, eloves me not

Smarter Dating brings you a once in a lifetime interview with eloves me, eloves me not author, LA Johannesson

Step aside Bridget Jones, Kayte Wexford is the new poster girl for singletons in the digital age! She’s fit, healthy and IT-savvy and she’s not afraid to turn to technology for help finding love!

Tell us a little about eloves me, eloves me not

eloves me, eloves me not’ is contemporary romantic comedy about looking for love online. The main character, Kayte, has everything but Mr Right. At the urging of her best friend, she puts fingers to the keyboard and sets out to find him.

What she finds is a whole new world of dating options with a seemingly unending supply of suitors. Feeling a little like a kid in lolly shop, she holds tight to her values and keeps her dream guy list handy to help narrow her choices. Does she find the one? You’ll have to read it to find out, but I’ll tell you this, she certainly has fun trying!

What inspired you to write about dating?eloves me, eloves me not cover

They say, ‘write what you know.’ So I did. Truth is, I was single for a long time and it gave me exposure to lots of different people, personalities and experiences.  It also provided me with some great stories to share with the crew of regulars on my Monday morning commute. In fact they may have been the first to suggest I write a book about dating adventures.

When I tried it, I was astounded at just how many people were using online dating (whether they admitted to it or not). I quickly learned that it was way better than any ‘reality show’ out there. I saw the opportunity to bring some of these fascinating stories to life and that’s how the premise for ‘eloves me, eloves me not’ was born.

If you’ve had one defining dating moment what was it?

Read chapter one!

Seriously, like I said, I was single for a while. I had lots of fun with dating, but I got to the point where I just couldn’t go on one more date, especially one more bad date. I was done with first date small talk. I couldn’t get hopeful and excited only to endure one more disappointment.  I reached a point where I said, ‘That’s it – I’m done with dating.’

I decided to pursue my love of writing instead. I signed up for a creative writing course and started this novel. In hindsight that was the single most pivotal decision in my life. Now, six years later, I’ve written and published a book, moved from Canada to Australia and now share my life and heart with the Aussie bloke I met in writing class.

Imagine you are in an elevator with our readers – what pitch would you use to get them to buy your book?

You’re curious about online dating, aren’t you?

I know you are. Isn’t everyone? You can admit it. I’m not going to tell anyone. It’s just you and me here in this elevator.

Okay, so you do admit it, you are curious. You’ve heard a lot about it. You’ve thought about trying it. You’ve wondered if it’s for you. You’re just not sure you know enough about it. You may have even tried writing your profile. Sound about right?

What if I could provide you the answers to all of your questions about it? What if I gave you the opportunity to try online dating without really trying it? What if I could introduce you to the process, give you a few tips for success?  What if I could give you a chance to be a voyeur into this world that singles everywhere are embracing?  What if I could introduce you to a group of fabulous singles who use it and you could learn from them? What if you could watch from the sidelines while you shared in their victories, their challenges, while you learnt from them, got inspired by them and laughed along with them?

eloves me, eloves me not’ can give you all that…and more! Whether you’re curious about trying online dating, doing it now, wanting to be better at it, done it in the past or just know someone who has, this novel will provide you with the inside scoop, some helpful online dating tips and a few solid hours of entertainment.

If you’re on your own tonight, you don’t have to be. ‘eloves me, eloves me not’ is here and I’m pretty sure Kayte, Chloe, Dylan and Roman would love to meet you! Click here to get a copy of eloves me, eloves me not

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