Tips from Porn Stars with Tinder Accounts

Looking for love has undergone a change of scenery from the clubs, the coffee shops (or the library if you are as much in love with books as you are with humankind) to the World Wide Web, where an unbelievably large section of people log on to (hopefully) find their soul mate.

With social media platforms like Tinder that are designed especially for that purpose, finding your true love—or a maybe even just a date—is easier than before. Given here are some tips from porn stars from all walks of life sharing the do’s and don’ts of online dating, and how to get that date you have been looking for!

1. Be Honest

Your Tinder profile—or any social media profile, for that matter—is supposed to be an accurate portrayal of who you actually are, not who you wish you would be. If somebody looks at your profile and sees all the nice, pretty parts of your personality, then you have no right to expect them to look beyond that and understand your problems and/or issues right from the first meeting.

Like Alexis Fawx advises, be clear about what you are seeking from Tinder, and never, never lie. It will never end well.

2. Avoid A Selfie

Selfies are all the rage, and they are great, too—but not when you are picking out a profile picture for your Tinder profile. Pick out a nice profile picture that shows more than just one-half of your face in really bad lighting.

Also, according to Sienna West, it may also indirectly hint at the fact that you may have no friends around to click a picture of you. So, you know, find someone to click a pretty picture of you (even if you have no friends, and you have to ask a random stranger for help). It is, after all, the first thing people see when they open your profile.

3. Don’t Be Diplomatic

Tinder gives you two options—swipe left, or swipe right. Do not play the goody-two- shoes here and keep swiping right because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. That’s just the same as leading someone on in real life, only to let them down in the end.

So, do not do that. If you like what you see, only then swipe right. There are many people on Tinder doing the exact same thing as you, so you are most definitely not that significant.

4. Near To Nature

Pictures clicked in the outdoors make you stand out in the sea of faces, according to Peta Jensen. But there is a catch—do not try to show off by being someone you are not, or do not be doing something that you probably would never, ever do again after you get the picture clicked.

5. Not The Place To Judge

Don’t go all Judge Judy on other people, and indulging in a raging cyber-war with someone is a big no-no. You are doing the same thing as they are, so respect that one thing that you have in common, and be nice.

So, the moral of the story here is simple: if you wish to find your true companion online, you have to be just that—truthful. Of course, feel free to use the above-mentioned tips and guidelines to up your online dating game to a whole new level!